Why We Give

The Haspel Family: Love, Legacy and Impact

The Haspel Family

Shirley and Robert Haspel first partnered with GNOF in 1989. Today, their sons guide their philanthropic legacy, making an impact in our region through three funds. We spoke with them about their family’s values and dreams, as well as the “Ms. Shirley questions” that epitomized their mother. Read More

The Impact of Impact 100

Jeanette Davis-Loeb

I've been here in New Orleans for about a year and I just love this city. When I learned about Impact 100, I got connected right away. It felt really good to connect with other women doing the kinds of giving, work, mentorship and board service I'm interested in. Read More

New Orleans Town Gardeners Legacy Fund

Anne Milling, Betsy Nalty, Caroline Reily, and Sybil Favrot

Like every beautiful flower, we started from a seed. An anonymous donor offered us a $500,000 match for every dollar we raised. We accepted the challenge and went after it. It was an opportunity for women to step up to the plate and feel proud to support our club. Read More

Leave a Legacy in St. Bernard Parish

Robert Showalter

The Story of the St. Bernard Kiwanis is the story of meeting immediate, urgent needs in our parish, but making sure people's needs will be met tomorrow, next year, 20 years from now and for as long as they are needed. Read More

Timothy and Karen Mackie Return Home to New Orleans

Timothy and Karen Mackie

We were born and raised here, went to public school here. Both our fathers were blue-collar workers, longshoremen, and our mothers were homemakers. And they instilled in both of us the importance of education. Along the way, they also encouraged us to play music and we both went to art school. Read More

The Gift of Giving

Patrick Schindler and Kendall Winingder

Our fund was originally set up by Kendall's parents as a gift. They have always been so generous with our family, and in the community, and we're full of gratitude for that. By setting up this fund, they made the first step and then we chose to match it. Read More

Couvillon Family Fund

Susan Couvillon

For 21 years, I've been managing the family foundation set up by my father and mother. And now, it's just wonderful to see the third generation getting involved. Read More