Timothy and Karen Mackie Return Home to New Orleans

Timothy and Karen MackieWe were born and raised here, went to public school here. Both our fathers were blue-collar workers, longshoremen, and our mothers were homemakers. And they instilled in both of us the importance of education. Along the way, they also encouraged us to play music and we both went to art school. Now that we're getting towards retirement and slowing down in our lives, we realized as we reflect back about the importance of the arts to round out and shape your approach to the world. The arts are a way to understand history. Karen's career was in technology so we also support projects that help kids get early exposure to and understanding of tech.

So we're at a point where we want to find ways to give back, and giving to the arts, and giving to support kids and tech is what matters to us. At the end of the day it's about changing children's lives. We are realizing our parents' and grandparents' dreams. When we reflect back on the base they set for us, and the conversations we had with them, we are proud to carry that forward. It's a very good feeling to send it forward another generation.

—Timothy & Karen Mackie