Leave a Legacy in St. Bernard Parish

Robert ShowalterThe Story of the St. Bernard Kiwanis is the story of meeting immediate, urgent needs in our parish, but making sure people's needs will be met tomorrow, next year, 20 years from now and for as long as they are needed.

Years ago, we knew we needed to endow some funds to protect our projects in the parish. While the work we are doing to help kids read, give grants to teachers and invest in scholarship funds needs to happen right now, we also wanted to protect this work in the future. So we used GNOF to help us set up an endowment.

We brought together people who wanted to support programs today and also to create a legacy. We are very happy with our partnership with GNOF. The performance of funds has been consistent and met our objectives perfectly.

And it feels amazing that every time there is a need for something, there's money to do it. Plain and simple. We draw from the endowment and fund a project. Ours is the story of strong and steady planning that also makes sure more money than ever will support our parish. It's very satisfying to support our neighbors like this. We know that no matter what happens, the money will be here.

—Robert Showalter, St. Bernard Kiwanis