New Orleans Town Gardeners Legacy Fund

Anne Milling, Betsy Nalty, Caroline Reily, and Sybil FavrotLike every beautiful flower, we started from a seed. An anonymous donor offered us a $500,000 match for every dollar we raised. We accepted the challenge and went after it. It was an opportunity for women to step up to the plate and feel proud to support our club. Women told us they felt very proud of themselves, reaffirmed what we stand for and what we value. It's been so rewarding, so joyful. It's an honor and privilege to be part of this club. We love to garden and we care about the environment. And the ladies here, we like to get our hands dirty. We're not sitting around sipping tea!

Together, we fund a variety of projects from rebuilding gardens, planting native trees and flowers, to the Edible schoolyard New Orleans and Grow Dat Youth Farm, to funding scholarships in conservation. The Edible Schoolyard New Orleans and Grow Dat Youth Farm programs impact so many children. They learn about planting and preparing soil and fruits, they learn about nutrition, and they also build self-esteem, a sense of responsibility and leadership. We're also advocates of coastal restoration—we provide scholarships for an intern to participate in coastal restoration studies. Our hearts are open and we're putting our roots down to keep our city beautiful and healthy for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

—Anne Milling, Betsy Nalty, Caroline Reily, & Sybil Favrot