The Impact of Impact 100

Jeanette Davis-LoebI've been here in New Orleans for about a year and I just love this city. When I learned about Impact 100, I got connected right away. It felt really good to connect with other women doing the kinds of giving, work, mentorship and board service I'm interested in. I love and appreciate this community and what needs to happen here. I knew I could learn a lot from these women and they would help me plant my feet and learn about the city. There is a real generosity within Impact 100 and GNOF—financial generosity of course, but also generosity of spirit. I'm dedicated to recruiting more people of color to engage with GNOF and let organizations with black men and black women involved know that this is your foundation too. There are seats at the table that you need to take!

I'm also passionate about nurturing the holistic development of young black boys. I have two brothers and I know the challenges our young men face. I don't think of them as an "at risk population," for me it's just about loving people. Every boy needs something different, not just financial support but sometimes summer camp, music lessons or just someone to talk to. Being part of helping organizations that help lift our boys up feels good to me.

—Jeanette Davis-Loeb